Who we are

Conceived in Scandinavia, born hybrid and global

70 people
02 locations
03 teams

Strategic Design Group is a hybrid design consultancy with execution at the core. As we move seamlessly across design, strategy and technology we combine skills, smiles, curiosity and visionary thinking to help clients deliver everything that’s next.

The ones at the wheel

We've set out on a journey to bring together the best strategic designers around and we're happily growing fast.

  • Sofie Holstein-Homann

    Helps businesses create and move towards aspirational visions for the future with a focus on insights and experimental business design.

  • Jens Martin Skibsted

    World-renowned designer, entrepreneur and design philosopher, creating visionary design concepts within urban mobility.

  • Klaus Silberbauer

    Experienced manager, creative and strategic UX designer, guiding clients within concept development and digital strategy.

  • Nanna Engberg
    Associate Partner

    UX strategist, guiding clients to solve business and organisational problems with design.

  • Lasse Jensby Dahl
    CEO, Co-founder

    Advises clients in business transformation & strategy while heading up Strategic Design Group.

  • Morten Johnstad-Møller

    Digitally focused executive and strategist, advising clients on digital strategies and creating business cases and feasibility analyses.

  • Annelise Vedel Møller
    Associate Partner

    Experienced client service director, helping companies create and execute digital strategies and new business models.

  • Hans-Henrik Sørensen

    Digital, product and tech savvy design executive, engaged in account direction and solutions management.

  • Toke Grøfte
    Associate Partner

    Strategic UX designer, guiding clients from inception to launch.

  • Jonas Smedegaard Buus

    Cross-disciplinary designer and strategist, leading clients from concept to launch.

  • David Fellah
    Founder, Chairman

Seasoned design executive with a focus on building organisations that deliver world class experience design and human centred business.

  • Rasmus Møller Sørensen

    Creative strategist and culture-builder, focusing on the competencies and processes that make business ideas come true.

  • Søren L. Poulsen
    Founder, Director

    Executive with expertise in the scaling of businesses through growth and acquisitions.

  • Guillermo Callau
    Associate Partner

    Product strategist, guides projects from idea to production within the realms of mobility and industrial design.

  • Thomas Dolberg

    Helps clients create compelling business concepts and models with a focus on strategizing and process facilitation.

  • Mads Gustafsen

    Helps clients devise and execute digital strategies, broad experience from management consulting.

  • Jon Lollike

    Seasoned account executive, overseeing client handling, operations, commercial negotiations and project execution.

A team of teams

Strategic Design Group currently consists of three different teams on a trajectory to become one unified brand in the not so distant future.

This is just the beginning so stay tuned as our family expands through more acquisitions.

  • Skibsted Ideation – Industrial design extraordinaire

    A team of out-of-house advisors and industrial designers who steer businesses’ creative output and product development. Skibsted Ideation’s design advice is focused on differentiating and strengthening of value propositions, product portfolios and vision visibility. Formerly part of Bjarke Ingels’ KiBiSi, Skibsted Ideation became part of Strategic Design Group in 2018.

  • THINK – Second to none Danish UX design

    Founded in 2011 and part of Strategic Design Group since 2018, THINK’s focus is on digital strategy, user experience, usability and digital design. All practices and processes are firmly rooted in the tradition and thinking of user experience design and service design.

  • Meet the xteam – Strategic design executives with vast global experience

    Introducing Sofie, Jonas, Hans-Henrik, Thomas and Rasmus. A band of strategic designers who bring 100 years of experience (combined) from the global design industry. All team members have an extensive track record as strategic design executives and have led tier 1 business transformations for global brands like Telenor, Lloyds Bank and similar top industry players.

Some of the companies we've worked with:

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