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How to ride the next wave of disruption

The first wave changed most things analogue and created our new, great digital lives. It all happened in predictable ways and at a palatable pace.

The next wave is digital disrupting digital. It’s happening now. But in unpredictable ways and at a speed that’s hard to control.

This is a new era of great potential that will transform brands, products and service eco-systems from the silos of today, to radically interconnected ones of the future. An era where business opportunities are gained through adaptability and continual exploration. Yes, these opportunities are harder than ever to predict, but they're also easier than ever to create.

As we see it, five currents of disruption seem to converge and lead to five new imperatives for businesses:

Current one

Unleash business beyond boundaries

Industry boundaries are changing, new eco-systems are emerging and formerly well defined customer journeys are dissolving.

Now, businesses must focus on delivering highly modular, easy-to-integrate products and services - replacing isolated offerings with adaptable ones where they can be part of invaluable new partnerships and tap into new eco-systems. Prepare for “exploding” customer journeys.

For this non-linear and unpredictable future, designing for continual adaptation will be the key differentiator of success.

Current two

Engage smarter with extended reality

The digital / physical gap has already begun to blur, with businesses utilising AR, VR and AI to enhance products and services.

Catalyzed by 5G, physical and virtual realities will fuse, coexist, overlap and interact in real time - allowing businesses to remove distances between people, provide new meaningful experiences and grow by designing for adaptable XR contexts.

Current three

Capture trust in motion

Faith in government, big business, press and first wave digital heroes is in decline. Simultaneously, trust in distributed networks and marketplaces, as well as blockchain and the decentralised web is growing.

Propelled by new technologies, this will only continue. To excel in this new world requires designing for trust and resonating with people’s evolving values, demands for transparency, accountability and ethical approach to privacy.

Current four

Compete on meaning, not relevance

Today businesses compete on relevance resulting in an exhausting amount of standard contextual interactions driven by data - mostly without real value.

Going forward, solutions with meaningful value will be essential. They won’t simply need to respond - they must resonate and support people’s shifting desires, values and lives as individuals, consumers, employees and citizens. It’s imperative to design for meaning as opposed to relevance.

Current five

Build sustainability into everything

It’s good business to take responsibility for the wider environmental and health-related consequences of the products and services we create – from environmental degradation to tech addiction. Examples include the invention of environmentally-sound technologies and processes as well as digital solutions that seek to improve mental health.

Sustainability is quickly becoming a commercial imperative. To prosper, businesses must reimagine current business models to make them more circular, eco-system centered and responsible as they design for integral sustainability.

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